CBS12 News Investigates: The Crypto Revolution

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — The financial world is changing radically.

Modern Luxury Magazine: Cryptocurrency Clan Q&A


A brief Q&A with the founders of Jefferson Capital


Skeptical of ICOs? VOX Token Supports Existing Business, Setting it Apart from the Crypto Pack

“The reality is that, when done properly, ICOs allow fundraising for an entirely new class of securities,” says Michael Margaritoff, Portfolio Manager at Jefferson Capital.


Entrepreneurs Host Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Seminar in Palm Beach

Letter to the Editor: Cryptocurrency Technology to Change Banking

It’s time to stop talking Bitcoin and start talking crypto — the technology that will forever change the way we as a society bank and exchange value.

Blockchain ETFs = tech stocks in expensive clothes

Blockchain databases are virtual and decentralized. Currently, a variety of major corporations from insurance to finance, entertainment, and even airlines are exploring this technology, said Roberto Riva, a fund manager investing in one asset that’s created using blockchain — cryptocurrencies

Blockchain Summit 2018

Jefferson Capital Brothers Guest Speakers at Blockchain Summit 2018

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